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About us

by Kaia is a brand for dog owners created by dog owners who love their furry friends. Every product is designed to make life with your dog easier, healthier, and more fulfilling. No two dogs are the same, so our products are not treated as commodity. From stylish collars to comfy beds and everything in between, we want every product we create to be tailored specifically to your pet's needs. Our mission is to help you and your dog spend more time in the things you both love by making your lives better. It all started when we were looking for gifts for a friends' pet and felt frustrated because we couldn't find high quality products at an affordable price. We decided to put it upon ourselves to find a solution to this and find the best products at the best prices to bring them all together into one single location, by Kaia.


by Kaia was created to provide dog owners with a one-stop online destination for the supplies and services they need for their dog. Dog care is often a complicated endeavor and we want to simplify it.


Many people don't know what supplies they need, or aren't sure how to choose the right ones. That's one of the reasons why we take many things into account when recommending products - including size, breed, age, health status, etc., in order to ensure you get answers tailored just for your dog!


We offer a wide array of products - from treats and food to toys, clothing, and much more - that can make the lives of both pet owners and their dogs more enjoyable. Dogs are especially unique individuals so by creating an environment where they are encouraged to express themselves as they please, they're happier and more content.