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What’s a Puppuccino? Is it Free for my Doggy?

What’s a Puppuccino? Is it Free for my Doggy?

Next time you visit Starbucks, order your dog a special item called a Puppuccino. This drink is Starbucks' most popular "secret menu" item and it can be especially nourishing because of the cream in the center.


What’s a Puppuccino?

Also knows as Pup cup, The Puppuccino is a Starbucks delicacy made of whipped cream. It contains no coffee, tea, or sugar; just whipped cream made especially for your dog.


Is A Puppuccino Safe To Drink?

Although your dog generally just needs to eat dog food and treats, it’s nothing wrong with giving them a Puppuccino as a special treat. Unless your dog has any digestion problems, in which case it’s best to avoid dairy. Too much dairy for any dog can lead to tummy troubles, so stick to one cup per dog!


If you bring your pet with you to Starbucks, let the barista know by telling them that you want a Puppuccino or pup cup. Pup Cups are Free because Starbucks loves dogs. To show your appreciation, throw a little extra cash their way to pick up something at the drive-thru.


This is a menu item that can only be ordered in person. You just tell the barista that you would like a Puppuccino and they will know what you are talking about.

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